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American Advertising Direct
was founded in 1989 by Stan Karp. After working for several of the largest New York City advertising agencies, Stan opened American Advertising, focusing on advertising through the mail. He felt that the same skills
and strategies that worked for larger companies could effectively be applied to smaller businesses as well.
Initially, American Advertising offered local businesses the opportunity to inexpensively distribute promotional coupons to their immediate market in a residential mailing envelope. Coupons are designed, printed and inserted into envelopes with the names and logos of every participant on the outside. This feature generates additional name recognition and increases the opening rate of the mailings.

Recognizing that not every client wanted to be part of an envelope mailing with multiple ads, the agency expanded its services to provide customized pieces such as postcards, flyers and brochures.
Regardless of the format, our professionally trained staff will design, typeset, print, label and mail your ad at low, competitive prices.
American Advertising also offers a full range of direct mail services including business lists as well as creative design for those clients who choose to mail their own flyers, postcards or brochures.
Contact Us for more information. We'd be happy to review your needs and discuss an efficient and effective way to increase your business.